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Prelude Of Dilemma
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Prelude Of Dilemma

Dilemmas are mountains that grow to their troubling
Dotted by pointed rocks of predicaments and impasses
Battered by the bitter wind of stalemates and deadlocks
They steeper with every snag and hurdle that abounds
Contours become closer and closer with every impediment
And to the climber below, the demon rises slowly
Till its peak fades from view and hides in fog of hindrance.
But, a man can go on.

To every step that rolls forward, a problem dissolves
To every grasp that pulls upward, a stalemate is over
To every heartbeat that says go on, impasses are passed
And to every surge of the brave, destroys a thousand hurdles.
A man can put his foot on that peak and say,
Conquered is the Dilemma

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