Prelude Of Obstacle

A wall cut through a glowing field
In my path is where I heeled
And looked did I to its tall top
Where rays of sun bounced and popped.
Placing hand on bitter brooding brick
I found no hidden cracks or modest nick
But knowledge of that wall was sound
That no human hands could tear it down

In that field I found a shed
With tools of promise to fix and mend.
A wooden ladder is what I found
I questioned whether it could be so sound.
But there it be found on its grain
“A cowards way of sombre shame”
Sledgehammer I then saw
And in my glee, how I did caw
For on it was written no same
“Persistence is for what you came”

I took it to the wall in field
Rapier and without shield
And place it on brooding brick
I will not cause a modest nick
A wall will not stop my lively sounder
Of pound to barrier I will now plunder

by Doc Biskind

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