Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


A friend of mine,
just had a Christmas Premonition.
His Auntie saw him drowning in the sea.
The woman now observes it only was a dream,
a premonition does oblige that you may be
responsible for future intermissions
within your life, let off some badly pent-up steam?
Do I believe in thoughts that float on rising air,
in pointing to the end of life of friends.
Or do I join the hordes of those who do not care
and just ignore whenever anything so awfully descends
upon my present comfort zone of lies?
Perhaps I'll take the route of Dali Llama,
he said whatever happens, happens, (close your eyes) .
A premonition was what came to me one day,
it had disguised its body - didn't know itself!
but gained respect at once from all the pre-survivors,
and kept on pointing at the clock, so close to twelve.
I let it die the death that's due these rude false prophets,
we let it shrivel up and turn to dust again.
I think I might just go and pay a lengthy visit
to my own childhood where we said 'tomorrow then,
if God decides to wake us infidels just one more time,
we'll worship him and Jesus Christus even more,
yet live to worry whether reason or godalmighty rhyme
applies to premonitions and who'd keep the goddamn final score.

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Deep, powerful and complex. Well executed.
I like those good dreams, you tend to wake up feeling better, they tend to relate how your feeling at the time, both the physical and mental state of the body, i dont know where the name nightmare came from but i've had plenty good one herbert warmly allan