Prescription For Winning Souls

Poem By Artis Lampkin

Thus saith the most high God: It's time to be a family again.
The Lord has stated: I am the greatest of greatest, but you,
you are the greatest of all. If you think that you are something,
and act like you are nothing, then you will become everything.
Use the greatest God in you, then all the world will surely come
to you. You who know God, You are his true servants, you who are
willing to give your all right now, you know exactly what to do.
Now do it. Destroy the wicked one within, then the righteous one
within can live forever. Thus we will make a difference in the world
today. Evil is in power, so I order you, I compell you to remove evil
from power and put righteousness in power so that God will prevail.
The evil one wants the righteous one to think that he is evil, so
that he will not be righteous, but misguided, then we can save
the world. Life must not neglect life, if life is to live. In order
to truly save the world, you must first save yourself. Make yourself
happy, then you can make others happy along the way. Christ Jesus is
the light of the world, so follow his true example and you will never
regret it. Trust me. Peace and blessings always. His servant and poet
Prophet Artis C. Lampkin.

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