Presence Of A Long Lost Friend

a great chat with you,
in where the time never due,

in a Saturday evening,
while i was basking in the warmest beam.

my long lost friend,
i know u’ll never lose with trend,

your presence is a marvelous gift,
a pack of prayerful bliss,

your look are still pure,
and your words are real,

as days flew by,
i see you growing, flying high.

i was pleased,
seeing your charming light,

even if we are at different site,
the dream we pursue is so alike,

i recalled, the very first's flake,
it was special how we met,

we have to do nothing, deliberate,
as long as there is fate and faith,

gift wrapped you a pack of wills,
and also i want a great hug from u.

friendship forever :)

by shee siaw

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