Presence Of The Heart

Such abundant peaceful joys
Experienced from your atmosphere.
Radiate from between
The remembrance of you
And the intimacy of you.
From beneath the delight
Of your gentle smile.
Carries just simple life
To liberty and new heights.

Your sweetness is divine
Your courage is elating.
Your tenderness
So blissfully wanting
Harmonizing with you
Ever so boldly.
Your melody so profound
With deep pleasures untold
Leaps, its soulfully bound.

Without body form
Or natural embrace.
Your spirit of lovliness
Gazes into my heart
As though the sun sets
Between the dawn
And an ever new day.
Embellished by the tomorrow
Of anxious virtues.

Oh if one could
But to capture the taste
Of that which I have felt.
Beyond the arms
Of your warmth
So sensually bestowed
For the human to enfold.
The cherrished twain
Of your embodiment.

There can never be
No sweeter endowment.
No greater character
Given by attraction.
Than the prominade of desire
Engulfed by the beauty
Of ones breast.
You an unseen vision
Caresses, the undeniable rapture.

The only thing
That gives life.
The only thing
That lives life.
Love, yes, Love
Needed to encapture
What was missing
From the ecstasy of life.
Feelings! by the Presence Of The Heart.

by Cecelia Weir

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