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MAR (March 11,1992 / Fremont, California)


Poem By Marie Alexandra R. Ibarra

I close my eyes at night,
But soon I just wake up,
I feel you at my side,
But when I open my little eyes,
You’re gone, invisible, nothing.

I listen to your voice,
It seems like everyday,
I hear you talking to me,
But you start to fade away,
Then you’re no where to be found.

I hold you close and tight,
Feel your heart beat fast,
I feel your arms around me,
But when I just grab harder,
You’re a pillow – out of sight.

I eat the treats you’d give me,
Every time I was with you,
But when I taste the food I ate,
It doesn’t taste like you.
You’re not salty or sour,
You’re just sweet and kind,
But then I notice,
It wasn’t you who made it anyways.

Whenever I passed by you,
I could smell your scent,
A smell that’s everlasting,
A pure and clean such scent.
I can’t resist the smell –
You can’t hide, for it shows,
But then I realize,
It’s just the dry-cleaned clothes.

You’re present at my senses,
But my eyes are just a fool,
For when my heart says it’s you,
My senses ignore my soul.
But I know that deep inside,
You will be near, you won’t hide,
For you’ve been there and done that,
You’ll always stay right here.
For my heart knows what’s true,
Not my senses….
It’s because,
I know you.

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