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Presently 5/06...
LG (6/12 / Southern Califonia)

Presently 5/06...

Presently, I sit here failing this test
I must admit, I'm very hard on myself
One might say 'Lana you've come a long way' but presently today
I feel a long way is still a long way.

Presently in this day
I'm feeling indifferent...not settled...still rollin' in unrest
See picture this,
I had it all going on or so I thought but
Never the love of that loved one.

Presently, I should be rejoicing, in the love of being with my family
The family that I have missed but presently what I miss
Is the independence of being own my own.
I wonder and ponder...would I be true to this calling
That I've been set forth to do, if I hadn't suffered from my consequence.

Presently, my mind...I'm always in my mind I wish I could just focus
And concentrate, but that's a little hard because my little cousin
Has these annoying tennis shoes, that are also skates,
Rolling up and down the hall, having her play.

Presently, in this moment it's quite but not for long
As I pray for the serenity, of a Karen Clark song
Uplifting as the gospel songs that flow through a voice...
From the spirit that comes from above.

Presently, I just want to be set free from the demands
Of my unrelenting mind, but I can't as I was born to SHINE
And to change lives
Even if it's just that one person or MINE.


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Comments (2)

quite an introspective piece. you have nicely described a scene, painted a clear picture and communicated very well here....the poem is realistic and rational. you have a sense of delving deep into self and then detaching and observing self to write beautiful pieces like these...keep up the good work....
Thank you my dear...would you be kind enough to vote. I think you'll love tommorow's piece!