Presents From My Aunt By Carole Coogan (Moniza Alvi)

The glittering clothes sent from Pakistan
wern't fitting for a teenage girl in London town
The apple-green sari, silver-bordered,
wasn't quite what the young girl ordered.

Unlike Aunt Jamilla who reminds me a bit,
of Lady Camilla,
but brown.
Looks quite the part in southall town.

If I put me glad rags on and went to town,
me mates would think I was the local clown.
The clothes are very nice, don't get me wrong
but I'm not sure where I belong.

I've tried them on and slipped them off again
and, I'll settle for me cosy corduroy or denim.
Back in the wardrobe where they'll stay for a while.
I have no intention of wearing them,
they're really not my style.

I see an image of my mother
stripped of her identity.
Cherished glistening jewellery
in its entirety
she was an onlooker from afar
the goods were stolen from her car.

I feel my Aunts' are quite neurotic,
wanting cardigans from somewhere exotic,
I picture them with compassion,
sitting in their zany fashion,
In me uncle's van
over there, in Pakistan

by Carole Coogan

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I enjoyed the English/Pakistani flavor of your writing.