New Friends (Ducks)

I recently went to the small town of Arundel,
And visited the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.
I spent a relaxing few hours there strolling around.
If you haven’t already been, then you simply must.

After a while of strolling around,
I sat down to relax on a bench.
There were ducks under and around me,
Who had settled down and seemed quite content.

I sat watching tourists being taken
On a boat trip around the reed beds.
I was happy enough to sit watching the ducks:
Some, as they rested and some as they fed.

Sat there, I reached into my bag for a snack,
And, suddenly, dozens of pairs of eyes were on me.
The ducks dared to venture a little closer,
And made it obvious that they were extremely hungry.

I did feel rather guilty and apologized to them,
But there’s notices saying not to feed the ducks.
So, I very respectfully obeyed the rule,
Although, I suspect they think that rule really sucks!

As I strolled around the extensive site,
I could hear webbed feet following in my wake.
Another give away to the identity of my pursuers,
Was that I heard the quacking sound which ducks make.

But, when I turned round to look at them,
They panicked and quickly ran away.
It was if they were asking me,
‘Are you accusing us of following you? No way! ’

I turned away from them and carried on,
And the sound of slapping feet began again.
It made me smile at the apparent disinterest,
Which my pursuers were badly trying to feign.

I especially liked watching the diving ducks,
Who dive underwater, completely out of sight.
It’s usually many seconds before they reappear,
And bob back up into the daylight.

I enjoyed my trip to the nature reserve,
And I made new friends, albeit only for a while.
But I will always remember their funny antics,
And the fact that they managed to make me smile.

by Angela Wybrow

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Since we stopped writing in notebook I too wonder if our writings will be preserved. For how long it can be shared and enjoyed. With out making much effort the answer is probably not for long.