Preserving A Friendship (Not Letting Emotions Get In The Way)

Depart from me not my dearest friend
My feelings for you are to the end
Many boundries broken, much trust gained
has created one of the best friendships ever obtained
Gladness fills my heart when you are near
I express, I confess, and have nothing to fear
My mind becomes open, the dark veils lift
My poetry becomes real, my passion, my gift
I owe it to you, many answers I could not find
Your words have lit a torch to awaken my darkened mind
So much I wish to meet you, to talk face to face
Fear not for our friendship, my heart remains in place
There won't be a day when I will come on to you
Because to our friendship, I wish to remain true
I shall guide you as you shall guide me
and friends forever, we shall always be

by Glaedr the poet

Comments (1)

I just love this poem! Friendship! What a bestowment! It casts away our darkened world and brings out in us many of our untouched gifts we are endowed with. Cheers to friendship!