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Preset Your Sedatives
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Preset Your Sedatives

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Do not await,
For the next closer push...
To the edge.
Remain prepared and stay awake.
With a knowing the 'unknown',
Few these days anticipate.
As subtle attacks on their beliefs,
Are being implemented...
Quietly as crickets chirp.
And those asleep,
Dream of sugar plums.
Sweetened to taste to decay their teeth.

Do not await,
For wishes of a fantasized life to live.
Full of promises met.
With a doing to overkill,
The wanting of them to get.
Refuse to give up your consciousness.
Done to volunteer.
Preset your sedatives.
Know where they are.
To keep them within reach.
Be proactive and stay calm.
Stop trying to analyze,
Why many are losing their mentalities.

Go to a doctor.
One authorized to presribe,
Customized medication.
And make sure they are time released.
Ensuring you will remain calm and peaceful.
Maneuvering through to avoid the nonsense.
To know that your mind,
Will not be found...
Losing it publicly on the streets.
Stay proactive and prepared.
Preset your sedatives.
Done to be aware of these times we live!

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