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President Obama-Nobel Peace Prize
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

President Obama-Nobel Peace Prize

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Did you hear?

'Hear what? '

President Obama!
He was selected to win,
A Nobel Peace Prize.

The bigots and his detractors
Wont like that.
Especially the ones who question
His eligibility.
And whether or not he is deserving.'

He may be the first President to receive it!

'Let's just say the 'first' black president
Elected in the United States to receive it.'

I know he is intelligent.
I know he is wise and has the 'vision'.
But I 'still' can not believe it.

'Me either.
He has only been in office less than a year.'

And he could have done 'anything' he wanted.
ANYTHING other than run for president of this country.
Why would he want to sacrifice his talents like that?
Put himself in jeopardy to represent such imbeciles.

You talk about me too, you know! '

Did I say 'idiot'?
I said 'imbeciles', fool!

'There you go...
Being judgemental again.
That's what I don't like about you.
You have one of those bi-polar personalities.'

I like to refer to it as 'eccentric'.
You know...
Some of this and some of that.

'Oh yeah!
Like the different colors of MARBLES! '

AND whatchu tryin' to say, huh?

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Comments (2)

A man working for peace has to be awarded with that prize!
saw that this morning proud he got it