JKV ( / Rochester, NY, USA)

Pressed Against A Nimbus Sky

It was the tenth month of the year as the leaves were beginning to change
And am apple tree caught my eye.
Red, golden and green were the colors
Pressed against a nimbus sky.
No artist's brush could have capture it
The colors were perfectly blended.
Only God could create that magnificent work
Exactly as he had intended.
As I stood there watching that illusion, a young and pretty girl
passed me by.
Her long and golden hair blew freely in the October wind, the realness
of that mirage
Pressed against a nimbus sky.
I dared not speak ... ner'y a work did I utter
As she sauntered past my side.
Never! Never in a month of Sunday would I surmise
that she would one day be my bride.
We met a later date in time
Mutual love filled each our eye.
Promising forever. forsaking never... our precious love
Pressed against a nimbus sky.

by June K. Vargo

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