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I want to see the next thing that you try,
you are a source of endless fascination to me,
I enjoy whatever project you attempt,
I can hardly wait to see what you do next!

It doesn't always work - - -
but, it always ends up differently,
so much of the allure, is that no one ever knows,
and no one ever will, for sure.

Every opportunity to be just a little off,
is like a golden moment in your heart,
to jerk the chain that is attached to everyone!
You are not the first, ... and you won't be last,
outrageous is the norm today!
- - - AND that seems to be the point!

SO, behaving is today, the unexpected!
Being an adult among the children,
is exactly the expected,
... and no one was expecting that!

' Round and 'round and 'round again,
up and down and 'round again,
getting down with clowns that think they know,
... and haven't got a clue,
... Does not mean that I do either! ,
... though, I presume,
... to know you.

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