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Pretend To Be Unconscious
( / Connecticut)

Pretend To Be Unconscious

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Hypothetically speaking, of course.
And not to endorse the enforcement,
Or solicit the support of my assessment.
It should be stated,
Our laws to have created.
Must be debated for their validity.
As needed when they have been scrutinized.
By those unwilling to 'tweak' the truth.
Not a lot.
But to accommodate the seriousness,
Of a situation brought to trial.

And, let this be said.
Hypothetically, of course.
With no intention to distract,
From the significance...
Contradictions these days have.
Or perceive any of this,
Is hypocritical.

"Facts are not facts.
Even though the evidence may appear,
To be overwhelmingly produced.
Facts to reveal them,
Depends upon 'if' they should offend...
Anyone whose beliefs to delude,
Should become threatened to not expect.
That might affect their mental health.
And this to allow by our 'standards'...
Upheld to change anytime we choose.
Is a way of life not to excuse.
But kept to keep the way it is."

-Did you understand any of that?
And if you did,
Can you explain...-

We are only here to witness,
Whatever it is.
And not to comprehend,
With an attempt to make sense...
Such a selling of nonsense.
While many here nod their heads in agreement.
Just sit and pretend to be unconscious.
You know...
With that dumbfounded look.
That's it.
You've got it captured.
Close your mouth and just stare.*

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