Poem By Pete Galozo

P-Pretenders are inborn or nurtured character traits of mankind:
R-Revile everyone, definitely interpret and estimate the deceitful plan.
E-Extremely egoistic, hypocrite, suitably fabulous to speak the fun;
T-Train tongues to gossip, to tempt, corrupt, and compel men transfer stand.

E-Entertainment's of enormous praises of comprehensive compliments:
N-Negotiate trickery, treachery, preach openly for money.
D-Deceive, ridicule, dignity of men's life decent way;
E-Expose the explicitly misery, pride, and complicated life destiny.

R-Remarkable men defamed and defraud of their life:
S-Separated from the bearer of true life of freedom allowed;
Come up now in he open for the reality involved,
Spellbound everyone around, deluded them their fabulous interpose.

Many devices introduce to start the fund drive purpose:
Switch quickly, entertainment of body language and song of praises allowed.
Persuade and draw, the silent crowd to appreciate and participate the fund
drive purpose.
Ultimately, sound in the luxury of the worldly life abode.

Noticeable and unnoticeable comment are undermined:
No one could come up clearly, likewise to stand with open mind.
To say or tell, something about the experience that are observed and done.
Pride and boastfulness are accomplished, to realize their unrighteous plan.

My mind in fear, confronted against the tension of work and performance.
spiritual life, dangerously ill, serious, stake situation along this line.
Many lives are drawn to death with their persecution and demand.
They make merchandise for covetous act, and pretend not in heir own mind.

Unusual, inestimable, amazing life in faith are wonderful:
The style of their life are full of bribe and crime of lies above all.
As long as money, commands them to serve the call.
Regardless of death, money is important even if thy fall.

Eventually, money making is fun for them to make a living:
Enticing stunts are great device, to control the interest of the audience.
The none stoppage speaking, the eloquent language, their assets to compliment.
Nothing is true to life existence if you analyze the value of the true meaning.

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