DRV ( / Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro)


Your love is what’s keeping me in unfathomable confusion
Never limit to an endless illusion
So infinite that I’m still in deeper pain
And yet it still lingers

Too busy for useless thoughts
Too busy for searching one true self
Neglecting to see the truth
And restricting the heart from pain

My heart bleeds as if it will never mend
Still looking for that love that will never be found
And yet it was already laid in my hands
Ready to take and yet taken for granted

I hide everything in a mask without a face
Sorrowful eyes behind a lovely smile
Now everything about me is a lie
I’m living with a wounded heart that groans for loathing

Here I am stuck in a world full of pretending
No one cares and dares to stay
An empty soul without a heart
Don’t know how to grief and laugh

An empty life
An empty soul
A fall without a hope
A defeat without a chance
This is all of me… useless and empty

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