To pretend: to give a false appearance of
Why are there so many pretenders in this world?

Pretending to care
when they're not even listening

Pretending to listen
when they don't even care

Pretending to like someone they hate
And hate someone they like

Pretending is so tiring
I guess I'm lazy, because I don't feel like trying to be somebody I'm not
It's a futile effort
Because these pretenders are so easy to spot

They all dress alike
So, they won't stand out

They all talk alike
So, they won't be left out

And They all cling to each other
So, they won't be forgotten

Is that why you don't like me because I refuse to play your games
Where everybody is the same and nobody questions “the rules”

The only time I would ever pretend
Is so my real-self doesn't have to put up with your fake-self
...Your pretend self...

by Missy Belk

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