JD (3/5/76 / Wisconsin)

Pretending To Live

Lifeless cold lovers,
and full-bodied scotch.
A false sense of warmth,
and painful to watch.

Your smell on my sheets,
the taste on my lips.
Makes me relax with each
turn and sharp sip.

I left for a time,
entirely by choice.
I barely survived not hearing your voice.
A journey through hell,
ending in peace.

Like waking from a long dream,
in the demon filled night.
You were fooled by my presence,
assuming I’d given up the fight.

You think you can temp me,
You think I’ll give in.
Take a step back and let me begin.

I laugh at your fake bitter smiles,
surviving without you for more than a while.

You want my attention, and I give you a smirk,
You’ve sensed my sarcasm and now feel like clay.

Are you getting the picture,
Just go away!

I’ve been brought back to life,
and born once again.
With the world in my hands,

God try to stop me,
I wouldn’t even pretend!


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Comments (4)

alcohol is like a call girl you pick at night and hate yourself the morning after. A habit hard to dropp but once dropped our lives are much better and reverting much easier so we have to guard ourselves. Nice piece of work Jack!
Moments of memories overwhelming.
Alcohol does that to a person. Keep fighting the bitch. 10 from Tai
wow i really like this peom. i like your writing style