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Today, I saw you again
Bumping at me on a clear hallway
On a road laid invisible from you
You're so alone, so preoccupied on your world
My presence didn't even seem to bother you
Yeah I know how hard it is for you
To simply ignore me
To pretend I don't exist
Because we can't be together
It's just not right
So unfair, so sad
That someone has you now
And never intend to let you go
Today, i saw you again
And I kept on pretending I didn't
Yet you know how unfair it is
Cause I'm left to do the harder job
Cause again, today, you just have to pretend that you don't know me
While I'd keep on pretending that everytime you pretend
It doesn't affect me...

by aislemyth

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Excellent title, and very well put. You show so much talent. BRAVO! ! !