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Poem By Shmuel Shoshani

Among woods and greenery
there lived a mighty wolf.
strong with sharp teeth and claws.
From a fountain of hilltop
a little brook down a valley flows.
A mighty wolf on top of a hill,
gazes the valley, where
between rocks and bushes.
runs a stream of water
There a tiny lamb drinks water with joy
under the sun, he bathes.
Hay ! you! why with your feet
you pollute the water and make it muddy
dirty and Impossible to drink!
shouts the angry wolf.
Oh great mighty wolf
from top of the hill runs the water.
down in the valley I drink the water
never do I make it muddy
said the little lamb.
Aha ! you have the arrogance to argue
in my divine presence !
Down to valley jumps mighty wolf.
strong with sharp teeth and claws,
tears the poor little frail lamb to pieces.

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