Why do we walk the mysterious road of this journey we called life?

Is it our curiosity or our sense of adventure that makes us keep going. Although we do not know where the journey may lead we still strive on.

Step by step we march getting closer to our goals and dreams, living a good old age, being successful or something else we strive for.

Do you believe in destiny? if so who is this creator who has paved you a path. Is it destiny that decide how we live and have our path to life already been paved.

I think as human we all have freewill, it is what we do and how we do it that decide if your journey of life was lived well. When the time comes we will reach the end to our destination.

by Chrispin Johnson

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First of all, you have a Beautiful name. Your poem is so true.Few stop to really see a situation for its worth.You have shown great insight and you poem has a lovely style.Love Duncan