DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Volcano Top

Volcano top

Loose no hope
There is no full stop
We are on volcano top
There remains understanding gap

We all know
Still go
Opposite way
And stay

Death does not deter
Words are uttered
In shameless manner
And human being suffers

We have lot more
To adore
And explore
It is with nature

Why not trust nature?
And go for
Peace and calmness
You will certainly be able to trace

Mud homes shall provide
And decide
Our destiny
Set by an almighty

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Comments (2)

Such a powerful poem. Very well written. I hope your dreams do not come back and as the comment below me says you aren't alone and do have people that love you. Still love the poem.
Dan, as your Father I find this poem very very upsetting and a strong and powerfull insight into your troubled mind. I pray that my love for you is as strong as your words and along with your devoted and loving girlfriend Layla we can help you find peace of mind and inner calm Dad