Pretty Girl


I'm looking for a pretty girl.
to steal my heart someday,
one that gives my heart a whirl,
makes me want to say,
lady you came into my heart,
and here you will always stay,

when you come in, I'll lock the door,
and throw away the key,
making sure you always stay right here with me,
of course if you want out, all you do is ask,
I'll go and find the key, though it may be quite a task,

I don't want someone who walks behind,
or leads me down the road,
I want someone to walk beside me, sharing every load,
someone to pick me up, when I am feeling blue,
someone with a heart, that I know will be true,

true beauty, comes from deep inside,
it is something you cannot hide,
true beauty shines ever brightly,
not just shining daily, not shining just nightly,
true beauty is within the smile,
you have on your face,
the way you walk, the way you talk, you are full of grace,

not many girls can fill the shoes, of the one I Have in mind,
for she must be, of the softer, gentler kind,
but there is one, this I know is true,
the pretty girl I have in mind,
is no one else but you.

written by Harry Bryant
2/24/05 11: 53: 05 AM �
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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