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Love On The Line

I dialed the wrong number, see Jesus was n my mind.
Then I heard a sweet voice, so gentle so kind.
I was trying to reach a friend, there is trouble with the line.
He wished me luck, said it happens all the time. People reaching out to loved ones, a kind word or two.
You would be amazed at what a little love can do. When I called again, the voice was the same.
I told him who I was, then he gave his name.
He thanked me for calling, as he was all alone.
It's been ten years since my wife journeyed home. I shared a thought or two, I had plenty of time.
He sounded pretty old, way past his prime.
We then talked of love, and about the Holy Ghost.
This is the conversation he loved the most. When our talk was over, I was blessed in another way.
I felt the love of Jesus, I took some time to pray.

by Jean Benson

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Marilyn, such a good poem👍👍👍