JM (Feb.25,1992 / Some Army Hospital in Georgia)

Pretty Little Face

Pretty Little Face

Lying little girl playing in a big mans world
Nothing but a face,
Once shes gone there wont be a trace
Shes nothing
He's everything
Why is that wrong?
Why is it right?
Cant anyone see this small childs plight
He used her, mocked her, beat her and so much more
Pretty little face, keeps coming back
He repeats it again then again
She reminds him of innocence
Something he cant stand
How can she throw it away?
How dare she!
Is she mocking me?
Tormenting or trying to bind me down?
I wont lether! I wont!
So he hits her, chokes her then to rid her of innocence
Rapes her, , makes her pure naked body dirty with sins
Poor pretty face
Nothing but a face
Lost and confused
Lying in a big mans world
Thinking she had nothing to lose
But now its too late
She's lost it all
Its too late
She cant go back
She wont move forward
She refuses to go back
So forever she is stuck
To watch her mistakes
And to watch him
The man of her world
The one who destroyed it all
She watches him with love
She cant bear to hate
She loves him and she'll wait
Till death brings him back to her
As it has torn her away from him
She'll wait and wait
Till death comes for him

-Janelle Morehart-

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