Pretty Much Untitled 2

Poem By poor lil copycat

I've found that gifted people
Are not only creative and intelligent
But also tend to have something strange
Going around in their minds
At some point. Don't worry,
It's not that bad-I know
'Cause I'm like that too.

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lol I like this. Welcome to the club, hope your middle name is thirteenth! meowing at ya, Tai

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Just another day, another chance
To waste my life away
Just another day, another chance
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Simon Says (Longer Version) **

**After reading my poem 'Simon Says, ' a few readers have requested that I extend it in length, so this poem is the second version that I am comparing to the original to see which is more successful. (You might want to read 'Simon Says' first to understand this better.) **

Simon says sing a song
Simon says stop


My face says nothing,
My expression blank,
But you'd never tell
That my heart died.