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Poem By Desiree Whitamore

write what you feel they said, draw what you see.
how do i draw the life thats crashing in front of me?
when i don't have the paper, when i don't have the words,
how can i make sure they understand their baby girl?
i'm growing up now, i'm starting to be
what i always feared would become of me.
there's no more waiting, it's ending now.
all they do is brush it off, no harm no foul.
so what do i write when life takes a turn?
and what do i draw when it feels better when i hurt?
sometimes when you write it down,
it makes you feel worse
some times when you draw its just beating that dead horse.
theres no way to explain it, you just have to fail,
because sometimes when you fall it makes you prevail!
it will be okay and it will be alright,
because these lonely days and these lonely nights will end soon.

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