Price Of Beauty And Work

Poem By Adnana Saric

Her beauty was golden and true,
And it killed him too.
Her eyes like golden stars,
Both beautiful and bright.
Her smile so sweet,
Her voice full of delight.
Her heart was tight in her chest,
But she still tried her best.

He always picked a fight and was mad,
He always made her look bad.
He didn't like her working at a bar,
He didn't like her working so damn far.
The short skirts and belly shirts, he forbid too,
She got fed up and didn't know what to do.

She worked on against his command,
He got fed up and grabbed her hand.
He called her a slut,
And her throat, he cut.
His hands shook as he put her in the dirt,
No other guy would ever again flirt.
The pain left his eyes,
And the jealousy too,
But he didn't have his baby girl, so he shot himself too.

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