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Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

For whatever the difference it makes.
Many seem to be awakening not to take,
The ease of using common sense for granted.
A painless process once chosen to avoid.
For whatever the reason,
This is beginning to be connected...
To a thinking done to do.
Many are discovering has benefits too.
With a basicness to value.
Few have found,
Less are their complaints to make.
Chasing pretensions.
Or those impressions to fake them.
Wasting time to appease others.
Glued to defend a sitting on fences.
Eventually to find for themselves,
Priceless is a peace of mind.
Although a paying for it,
One begins to 'overnight' realize...
Few with things and bling to flaunt,
Could not purchase if they wanted.
Since happiness to have it,
Is a feeling that can not be sold.
Or sell to another to buy.
Even if the attempt is tried.

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Great write Lawrence as usual. Thanks, glad to see you back. James