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Priceless Notoriety
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Priceless Notoriety

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Does anyone who is accustomed,
To a profiting...
From conflict and damage done.
Feel threatened by those debating a way,
How to put an end to what they have allowed.
Hoping the one creating havoc understands,
The seriousness this has affected their image.
In an adverse display of disrespect.

With a public destroying of a pretentiousness.
One seems to care less,
Who is offended and expresses being upset!

What do you think is more loved?
The attention one gets?
Remaining controversial.
And entertaining to admirers wherever they go.
The free publicity they all receive.
With a getting of priceless notoriety!

I'm just baffled."

Is that suspensefully baffled?
Or is it more baffled yet addicting?

"It's too bizarre and beyond craze.
This is a remedy,
For those seeking a cure for drug addiction."

Thank you for your opinion.
'Bizarre and Beyond Craze'...
Are not offered as options for this survey.

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