Poem Hunter
(14.1.83 / Luton / Dunstable)


We are just people
Wandering souls
Who fuel our fire with expensive coals

Who write our lives on a computer screen,
But it’s truly love that we all feign
We’re all just waiting for the sound of a bell
To take us from, this rotten hell

To lift us up when we’re not well
To get a promotion,
that we can sell.
But we sell our souls, every day

To mostly work
Not much play
I roll the dice,
So it goes

This life’s a series
Of highs and lows
I stand up straight
And look death in the eye

Because I am not to know
When I’m to die.
But when I do

And it’s my time
I shall not care for
Committing the crime.

I shall swim,
against the tide
Because of this burden
That is my pride.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Woow that is a very creative poem, its very well written.