Pride, Eh' That Him

Poem By Candice Renae Williams

He wandered across the tide looking for the cargo to hide..
Foolish man beneath his pride
He had not one-but two oars to keep stride
and in the mix-he found himself to be
sat a wave and two quarters beyond he-
Miss. Honey and foul smee
ariding avec three horses in tow
Such as he was- all fool-to bellow
Yonder Lady and dog, 'howdy, Hello! '
and strut'n chest he heeded no reason
Foolish man row'd on back by his own treason...
was drawn-hung and quartered the next season.
Cloy, Ole pride hiding with stride.

Comments about Pride, Eh' That Him

ohoh THIS One was written last night.! ! ! ! I had an idea and started to write and voila... I must admit to liking this one as being one of better ones.. What d'ya think?

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