Pride Has Forgetten Its Name

The stairs serenade us with squeaks
A strand of light escapes to kiss the dark
Open up to take a peak
A silhouette on top
Of you below the clock
Your hand reaches for me
I don’t want it to stop

But nothing ever stays the way you want it to
It somehow just turns out worse

Ready or not
I’m lying in your arms
The beating of your heart is beating against mine
That stationary waltz
All careless; not in time
That ancient lullaby
The sensation never dies
I miss you

You’re a million miles away
It can’t ever be this way

He’s gone
You’re bound by time restraints
This hunger outshines pain
Keep marking off the days
The pen is out of ink
What’s the use?
All that he left behind
Still ripples in my mind
There’s nothing left but time
Pride has forgotten its name

by Audrey Stephenson

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