Pride 'N Devotion

Sequestered—infant child
Held captive in sterile box,
Laid bare 'cept for tubes, wires,
Knitted skullcap and socks.

Seconds from womb, the embattled
Life brings drama to center stage;
Neonatal team weigh options
As newborn's chances are gaged.

Separated by masonry and protocol,
And the effects of anesthetic haze,
His mother seeks to field the guilt as
She deals with postpartum phase.

Rendered unable to protect her
Child or—at least—have him near,
She's beset by anguish as feelings
Are fueled by failure and fear.

Low and anxious she becomes as tests
And treatments her child submits;
Depression becomes the silent foe
To wage offense and always outwit.

As he fights the unseen, the unknown,
She rouses strength from despair;
Drawing from family, friends and faith,
This single mother can and does repair.

Over time, results offer signs of promise
As small gains win out against the foe,
Progress, sometimes in half steps, is
Realized as test results begin to show.

Action by medical intervention
Becomes the method and the glue,
Coupled by a mother's confidence in a
Higher power—a belief tried and true.

Those who hold her dear breathe
A sigh of relief, thankful that
Mother and child arose victorious.
Thankful too, the power of prayer
Was brought to fore and answered
By one viewed sacred and glorious.

by R B Seals

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