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LD (January 17,1989 / Orange, California)

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saviour in my nightmares
knight in dull armor
the one i'd never expect
the one i'll never know
you saved my life
on more than one account
and now it's my turn to save yours
so please let me try

my primary image
may not be a comfort to all
fortunes fool i am
but my lifeline can hold two souls

exploring the surrounding land
but always keeping me in sight
escaping is not an option
as i sit covered by night
light house beam hits your eye
and for a moment it gleams
with emotions i never knew existed
confusion and fear are seen

your primary image
may comfort nearly all
fortunes fool you'll never be
your lifeline holds but one

let me rescue you
let me capture you
let me read your thoughts and mine
i'll hold you close and i
i'll never let you go
i'm not the little girl
you once held in the dark

my primary image
will soon comfort some
fortunes fool i won't become
my lifeline holds over one

primary image
my primary image
holds things unseen

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