Prime Rib

For those Biblically naive
Adam's rib spawned Eve
Endowed with two lips
And two lady-like hips
With artistry only God could achieve

Eve's ears, her legs and her arms
Created in God's cell-stem farms
Her heavenly eyes
Her shapely formed thighs
Enhanced her celestial charms

She was sinewy and tight as a drum
A perfectly created natal-plum
Adam was thrilled
With her spectacular build
To Eve's form, most men could succumb

Her coming from God's line of descent
Was a historical dramatic event
Her angelic appeal
Was for Adam ideal
Since from God she was heavenly sent

Paradise is where this took place
The site Eve enchantingly graced
Can you believe it, or not
That this heavenly plot
Was the genesis of our whole human race?

If you're rigid as hard-woodened oak
And believe this a biblical joke
And you're riddled with doubt
And you think it's far out
You're a skeptical secular bloke

by Stanley Cooper

Comments (2)

Stan, This is only the second piece I've read of yours, and both have been superb. I know I've said it before, but this time I really mean it - I am going to read the rest of your work! Onward! ; -) Shannon
a grand tale leaping with lightness humor and a fine lesson about the history of everything