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Primrose Path
JN (02-05-66 / Nigeria-West Africa)

Primrose Path

Poem By Johnson Nwaubani

Primrose path, oh! Primrose path-
A path paved with the sword that dropped from Lucifer's right hand,
when he in combat fell from heaven.
A global absurd refuge that lures inquisitive minds to a vague thrill.
A fragrant rosy, green grass, smothered with Lucifer's charm.
A place where pain and sorrow incubates with joy.
A path where distorted hearts search for glamour that only vanity can offer
A place where illusive minds see the charm of eden.
A path where bees offer their honey cone with a smile.
A place where red roses fake the sweet smell of paradise.
A path where the sky displays a luscious moon that never ceases to lure
A place where the stars in the sky winks to lull a gull.
A path where sweet humming bees hum mourning songs.
A place filled with lively strength, and fashion that seems to display a taste for insanity
Your birds of paradise have captivated minds with the beauty only nature can give, but who listens to their whispers of sorrow.
Melodious echoes of woe, mocking and wooing thrilled doomed voices.
Empty heads racing to catch a rainbow in the valley, only to find it was just a reflection.
Eagle eyes who have failed to tell the difference between a mountain and clouds of mountain.
Grinning heroes, grinning to hide their soiled robe of guilt
That is primrose path! The primrose path!
Smooth and wide for all, but a path where no one is safe.

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