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Prince Charming
ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Prince Charming

How I long for a poised chum.
Who emerges ever affluent?
His voice whistles a kept hum.
That is a sweetly toned ascent.

I picture myself gripping his side,
And share a dance in harmony.
Alas, my image dulls from sight.
I shed a tear for my fantasy to see.

In passing, I woke to a shining light.
My waltzing visions left for the day.
I pray my dream will revisit tonight.
So once again we can ball and sway.

In the morn, the call of duty uniformed.
Wipe the dishes, and make the cots.
I think I would rather sing and perform.
Soap and water cleansed all the pots.

From dawn on, I crooned his drone.
I pranced with my swab across the base.
My royal Prince, don’t leave me alone?
Nobody will replace your wonderful place.

At half past the hour, I left the site.
I embarked on a path through the land.
Deeper I chanced into a superb sight.
The walk never ended in the timberland.

Far away a horseman stood alone.
He wore a black jacket and helmet.
The rider whipped his horse to go.
The mare galloped with no fret.

The driver chanted off on the roadway.
He sang my beloved dreamy air.
I had to greet this fellow some way.
This soloist seemed so full of flair.

As the figure approached near,
I said, “You sing so noteworthy.”
The man jumped down with no fear.
Thank you my lady, you are so worthy.

The gentleman kissed my hand.
Then he galloped away waving goodbye.
I stood frozen with delight on the highland.
My Prince charming arrived in great style.

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Comments (2)

Everybody wishes for a prince/princess charming to come once in there life I think.
you are his princess charming perhaps?