Prince Charming Vs Phantom Of The Night

Prince Charming
Phantom of the Night
thoses names dont fit you right
who am I to give you a name
who am I to spoil your little game?
you havent done anything to give yourself shame
so go right ahead and give me the blame
Wait, what am I saying?
why should i be paying?
your game didnt make any sence
maybe Im just dence
so enlighten me
Of how you wen this game to be
Did you mean for this game to be like a dull knife
increasing the pain of her life
to watch her bleed
to cry out with 'pathetic need'?
Is this who you are Mr. Thinking Class?
trying to undserstand you is like walking on broken glass
I see you standing next to her with your cocky grin
it about as evil as sin
yet she still cares
where as I dont even dare
so the Riddlers bored of the game?
Well thats kind of lame
Every win comes with a cost
but you will never know what you have lost

by Hannah Boggs

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Damn girl, that was super good! I adored it. The rythme sceem was amazing, like this poem! ! !