SPL ( / Kinshasa)

Prince Of The River

Lord of this part of the country,
I am the Prince of the River
Here my Soul is centered,
Of its Water I drink
Son of this Sacred Soil, I cry your misfortune
But for your saving, I’ll fight with heat
As far is my exile, quite close in me you remain
Any long is your night, do not live without gestures
Wake up You Proud warrior of the Tribes of my Ancestors
Do not be afraid of the danger whatever it can be

From the Forest which covers our Equator
And up to our volcanoes highest heights
I know the pain of my bruised people
And I know the suffering which withered him
But I say it to you: to us will be the vengeance
And far off we shall chase away the evil
It is written for us the Just
A fate which will be of the most august

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