DB (July 1st,1964 / Aveyime-Battor, Volta Region, Ghana)


Princess, your prince is here waiting
to sweep you off your feet
coincidence may be our funny meeting
or tricks cupid played on us
But I know for sure I am here to stay
and worship at your feet
so that I may not be foolishly led astray
heaven will smile down on us

come with me now, my peerless Princess
to my exquisite paradise garden
to a cool place deeper in the inner recess
where no juicy fruit is forbidden
nothing can stop our journey as we try
to the place flowing with milk
and the sun kiss our heavy hearts dry
to turn our damp rags to silk

when you finally wake up in the morning
to greet the exotic smiling sun
devotedly by your side I will sleep snoring
wink to say I still crave for fun

and when I flutter my eyes to smell you
as the blithe little larks sing joyfully high above
we’ll do lovely things you’re told not to do
kneeling at your feet to declare my undying love.

by Dela Bobobee

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