Ted Is Dead Or In The Very Least Decomposing

Ted is dead
We just received the apologies
For any disruption in communications
That may have occurred
Between Heaven and Earth

First it was his dog
She was sixteen going on
One hundred and twelve
Her tumors had become laced with
Salmonella peanut butter and pistachios

The sickness of old age
Began eating at her fragile nerves
Devouring her tofu belly
Therein diminishing the odds
Of any possible return

Ted is dead
Ted’s dog is dead
Ted’s poem is dead
But…Ted is survived by his words
From a past life as a political junkie

T.S.2009 ©

by Ted Sheridan

Comments (13)

This haiku is so poetically beautiful, seems to be absorbed straight into the mind filled with vivid imagery and definition. Absolutely love this one! Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn
A doubled Haiku, niiiice.
this is very lovely bell.
Yeah, you certainly have the knack for the ku. I occasionally try my hand at this form, but usually come up short. Patricia must indeed be worthy of the multi-gemmed tiara.
Absolutely beautiful Haiku's Tailor, lucky lady Patricia. I like these very much----Melvina
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