Princess Haya Of Jordan

A woman who does live an honorable life
Princess Haya of Jordan Al Maktoum's wife
A patron of the homeless and stateless and those of helping most in need
One can say of her that she is a great person indeed

To charitable causes millions in money she does give
Because of her many stateless and homeless people better lives do live
She is an extraordinary generous billionaire
The Princess Hayas of the World are to say the least rare

A patron of the poorest of the poor and the refugee
The Princess who befriends those in dire poverty
Now here is a person i can only admire
And of singing her praises i for one cannot tire

A physically beautiful person and beautiful in every way
And a leading philanthropist in the Human World of today
To performing of good deeds one quite readily inclined
Some people are born to be generous and kind

Princess Haya who in a positive way uses her influence, wealth and fame
For the betterment of humanity she carries the flame
With the glow of kindness on her beautiful smiling face
She is a credit to her creed and her race.

by Francis Duggan

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