Princess In The Daisy Garden

Poem By akky amial harison

She walked through the garden,
on the warm summer's day.
She might be walked a lot untill found a perfect spot.
Soft white daisy petals was opend with the sun while she arrived.
The blaze of sunshine touched her elegant face.
She shared her smile with bumblebees and butterflies.
The daisy field bloomed and the breeze blew.
The birds chirped and the butterflies floated above the daisies.
She looked up at the bluest sky with milky white clouds.
Her sweet redolent fragrance seduced even daisy flowers.
That butterflies and bees all gathered around her by fragrance.
A flower caught her eye which was bathed by sunlight.
She took that flower with her gentle hand.
Little flower scared, screamed and affected,
the fear of dying like,
She sheds that tender petals in the breeze like a summer snow.
But she was so kind and she didn't pluck it.
Then she just patted and kissed in flower,
because she felt like she is one of the daisies.

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Write comment. Such a nice poem, Akky. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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