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***princess’ Lost Love***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***princess’ Lost Love***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

Emotions in her heart someone in her head
My friend came and spoke to me this is what she said
About the guy from her past who fell from her grasp
Made the wrong decision now she hopes it won’t last

Back in school he use to write me little notes
Weren’t just his words they were also his hopes
Of me being his girl maybe one day getting close
I liked him already he made me laugh when he spoke
When we were going out things were never easy
He was blazing and friends started being sleazy
Stepping to my face saying now they never see me
Told them he wasn’t like that please believe me
They never saw his good side couldn’t see I was smiling
He brought me this necklace see I wasn’t lying
But during the time in which we went out
I spent every minute with him there or about
We were always together it soon raised doubts
Hours and hours wasted just staying at his house
Nothing else but chilling out just watching DVDs
Never thought that’s how it was going to be
So eventually I had to go my separate way
For the dumbest reasons now I feel I have to say
Should’ve asked for him to simply stay away
From the weed which was his hobby of the day
Friends didn’t know him so why did I listen?
I knew what was best and now I miss him
It’s not even the fact that my feelings are back
And I know certain mates aren’t happy at that
But I don’t think I ever stopped loving him really
And all I wanna do is get back with him dearly

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Comments (2)

This was a very good poem I really enjoyed it. It would be easier to read though if it was split up more.
this poem is so true when u love some one all u want to is get back with him... keeping writing great poem