Princess Poor (Plain Version)

She was young
She was strong
She was a princess
who lived in excess
Full of life
Void of strife

She lived under a nobleman
Who lived under a king
And they partied life away
She gave birth to a boy
And a girl who lived in full swing
of life's party every night and every day

Then royalty changed
To an army of men
Who made the rich poor
Though she felt strange
unharmed by any of them
life wasn't as before

She grew
And so did the children
And with them ambition
She knew
she might not see any of them
after change in condition

First the nobleman departed
Then the son took flight
And the daughter married
She felt broken hearted
there was dark where was light
and the days just carried

Outward, she stayed chin up
She made good use of her legs
She let them run where they can
Not one day will she stop
Princesses don't for affection beg
life is it what it is without any man

Then came grandchildren
After daughter's divorce
And loneliness
She stayed with them
finally removed from remorse
And crossed distance

Then came illness
That dislodged legs' use
Now just a body and mind
With it, stillness
A sign of obtuse
with no clue to find

Spent time with the son
In an island paradise
Without want or care
He gambled more than he won
volunteered virtue to vice
She was nowhere

The girl came back
Refused to carry weight
On her shoulder
saw her mother as an attack
without word or debate
put her in a room that's smaller

She waited
For rescue to resume
But few would tax the task
She stated
she loved the vacuum
for things: she need not ask

She started
To begin the end
Slowly without any blame
masked broken heart
without a friend
a forgotten frame

She was bold
A life turned around
From princess to pauper
She will hold
herself the tallest tree from the ground
May the angels come for her

by Ragy Sandid

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