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She was the princess of the world
And wanted to be The Queen
You had to stand down in her presence
She wanted to be seen

Your place in life was hers to tell
For all the folks on earth
Of her many plans for us
There really was no dearth

If she placed you in the forefront
There you'd take your stand
She could make you play third fiddle
As the leader of the band

As her post was self appointed
Some thought her claims were lame
Many twisted tightened faces
At the mention of her name

To gain a doubters confidence
Her friendships beamed with gold
Many a gullible player
On her plans were sold

But others had rebellious thoughts
And planned behind her back
She knew from bad vibrations
Her world was turning black

The crowning insult occurred one day
When upon the wind there came
Another female princess
Whose appointment was the same

How could there be two princesses
To rule across the land?
According to the each of them
They were part of the chosen plan

Bitterness followed and anger flowed
Their egos down in flame
And they spent their final days alone
Miserable, sick and lame

The citizens were all so happy
The princesses gone away
They found self appointed specialness
Darkened up their days

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