NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Priorities- A Word Of Warning For Charity Callers.

Don't call me just yet
Let me
Take a shower first
So I can polish and perfume
My slightly dry skin.

Don't call me just yet
Let me
Open my bottle
Of fine French wine,
Then sit down to dine
On a dinner fit for a king.

Then, and only then
Will I be ready to
Discuss how I might
Be able to help those
Suffering starving strangers.

by Not Long Left

Comments (2)

Wow - fantastic, flaming hot irony here, perfectly evil and absolutely justified. LOVE ' SLIGHTLY dry skin' (poor miserable slob) . 10.
I know your game, Vincey. You and Graham Jones are having a competition to see who can write with greatest creativity on the theme of charity and generosity towards others. Well, between this number here and Graham's 'Breakfast Time', I'd say it's a draw: -) I have got this poem right, haven't I Vincey? Or is this really your true attitude towards the world's hungry? Unless you say otherwise, I'll continue to consider this poem a fine demonstration of irony at its sharpest. With warmth, Gina.