Best Friends Forever, More Like Sisters

Through thick and thin no matter what
Even when you have a broken heart
And everything seems to hit like a dart,
I'm here.

When you cry and I wipe your tears
When you hug me and you lose your fears
When people bully you and you can hear their jeers,
I'll be there.

Even when the world shuts you out
And even when your depressed and pout
If you get hurt and you shut my shouts
I'll love you anyways.

Through everything life can throw
We both just seem to know
We share something special with our 10 year friendship show
We're Best Friends, sisters.

We've got love,
We've got hope
I'll always love you, sister
Even if you just mope.

You’re my best friend
It's been 10 years of being Best Friends
And we're still stronger than ever
And even when we're broken,
Together we both mend.

by Kelsey Joe

Comments (2)

Wow - fantastic, flaming hot irony here, perfectly evil and absolutely justified. LOVE ' SLIGHTLY dry skin' (poor miserable slob) . 10.
I know your game, Vincey. You and Graham Jones are having a competition to see who can write with greatest creativity on the theme of charity and generosity towards others. Well, between this number here and Graham's 'Breakfast Time', I'd say it's a draw: -) I have got this poem right, haven't I Vincey? Or is this really your true attitude towards the world's hungry? Unless you say otherwise, I'll continue to consider this poem a fine demonstration of irony at its sharpest. With warmth, Gina.